Best Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor

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Best Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes

Triathlons are no ordinary sporting event. They challenge you mentally and physically across a trio of sports. For events of this level, you have to be serious about your training from the outset. It isn’t enough to just wing it, proper planning and monitoring can’t be overlooked. One of the areas you need to monitor is your heart rate, so … Read More

Best Garmin for Triathlon

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Review of the best Garmin watches for triathletes

Triathlons are grueling tests of fitness and willpower. They test your capability to run, swim and cycle – one after the other! This type of event is very demanding. Some people focus on improving one area at a time, whilst others use an overall approach. Either way, you can only know if you’re improving or not by tracking the statistics. … Read More

Discover The Best Fitness Watch For Triathletes

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best fitness watch for tri-athletes

Are you training for a triathlon? Then you need to discover the best fitness watch for triathletes that will work effortlessly with you to help you achieve your goal. Fortunately, the aptly named  offers everything you need; whether you’re a professional, training for the fun of it or looking to do your first local event. The key to choosing the … Read More

What is the Best Suunto Watch for Military?

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Best Suunto Watch for Military Reviewed

Are you after a reliable, durable, and supremely functional military watch? If so, you’ll be very interested to learn what the best Suunto watch for military uses has to offer. When you’re out on expeditions, being able to use the right watch can become incredibly useful, and even lifesaving. The is our top pick due to the number of reliable features … Read More

Discover Which Is The Best Garmin GPS For Hunting

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best Garin GPS for hunting

There are very feelings as satisfying as when you connect with your prey. Hunting is a thrilling and challenging experience, but the right tools do make it easier! That’s why I recommend the as the best Garmin GPS for hunting. I’ve been with mine several times and am confident it out performs the competition. Of course, you can choose to … Read More

What is the Best Fitbit for Elderly People?

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Best Fitbit for Elderly

We can agree that receiving the best results from fitness requires a certain degree of tracking. It enables you to see your progress and set goals. Fitbit is one of the most well-known brands that sell fitness tracking devices. While the younger generation have an easier time deciding on which ones to use, this isn’t such an easy task for … Read More