Best Fitness Watch

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best fitness watch

Fitness is a gigantic industry, worth an estimated $3.5 billion over 2018 in the US alone. With the combination of modern tech & info with that massive market size, it’s no surprise all kinds of fitness gadgets are coming out and seeing use. Heart monitoring earbuds, bone conduction for your sound and blood oxygen monitoring are just some of the … Read More

Best Swimming Stopwatch

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best swimming stopwatch

Swimming is a hugely competitive and popular sport. In keeping with this high level of competition, tracking of results and training progress are extremely common. These stats are utilized to both track and improve performance. Of course, to do this you need a good, accurate stopwatch. The stopwatch also needs a couple of extra considerations, such as water resistance and … Read More

Best Fitness Gadgets

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best fitness technology

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the best fitness technology available in the fitness sector. Technology is one of those areas that is under constant development and improvement. Not only that, it moves at an incredibly fast pace. Equipment with new or improved features is always being developed and released. Most people will already know that technology … Read More

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Rowing

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best heart rate monitor for rowing

Rowing gives a great total body workout. It uses all of the main muscle groups with an emphasis on your legs and back. On top of this, it’s a great cardio workout too, burning a large number of calories by using so much of the body and requiring constant movement. Rowing can be used to supplement other workouts, though true … Read More