Top Rated Recumbent Exercise Bike

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top rated recumbent exercise bike

Recumbent exercise bikes are becoming a more common sight in gyms everywhere. These bikes offer a nice, big seat which is a lot more comfortable than a saddle. Having a proper seat also gives great back support and there’s less strain on your leg joints with this bike than with other types of exercise bikes. As with any popular product, … Read More

Discover The Best Rowing Machine Under $300 Today

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best rowing machine under $300

The rowing machine will work practically every muscle in your body. Even better is the fact that these machines are actually quite compact; allowing you to get your own rowing machine and stay in shape from the comfort of your own home. But, to do this you’ll want the best rowing machine under $300. I’ve researched rowing machines in detail … Read More

The Best Magnetic Rowing Machine Available Today

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best magnetic rowing machine

I’ve tested a dozen machines but am confident that the  is the best magnetic rowing machine for everyday use. It is well built, virtually silent and very smooth. Add in the fact that the resistance is easy to adjust and you have everything you need to complete a challenging workout. View on Amazon   I’m not a rower so I’d … Read More

Best Home Rowing Machine

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best home rowing machine

As the new year approaches, there’s going to be a massive rush of people trying to get into shape for their new years resolutions. This is going to mean big crowds at gyms and masses of people out jogging in the parks when January arrives. That’s why some people choose to start their fitness journey with in-house equipment instead. This … Read More

Best Budget Rowing Machine For Daily Use At Home

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best budget rowing machine

Having tried a lot of different rowing machines I’m convinced the best budget rowing machine for home use is the  In fact this is one of the best selling rowing machines in the world and for good reason. View on Amazon To be fair I’m a relative newcomer to the world of rowing, that’s why I was so keen to … Read More

Best Black Friday Treadmill Deals

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best black friday treadmill deals

Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be holidays where people eat, drink and relax. New Years and the resolutions that come with it are known for the opposite – this is when people want to change their lives, get in shape and better themselves. For that reason, a lot of retailers now put deals on fitness equipment in the pre-xmas period. … Read More

Best Upright Exercise Bike for Short Person

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best upright exercise bike for a short person

Exercise bikes are popular all over the world, whether in a gym or at home. There are different styles of bike (spin, upright, recumbent) and a variety of price ranges which come with different levels of comfort, reliability and different features. Today we’re looking at upright bikes, but not just any type of upright. No, today we’re focusing on shorter … Read More