Best Fitness Watch

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best fitness watch

Fitness is a gigantic industry, worth an estimated $3.5 billion over 2018 in the US alone. With the combination of modern tech & info with that massive market size, it’s no surprise all kinds of fitness gadgets are coming out and seeing use. Heart monitoring earbuds, bone conduction for your sound and blood oxygen monitoring are just some of the … Read More

Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Upright Exercise Bike

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Best upright exercise bike

Exercising is hard work; I’m sure it’s supposed to be or there wouldn’t be any benefit. But that doesn’t always make it easy to get started; especially in the cold winter months when I’m forced indoors. I love competing in triathlons; that’s why I started to think about the best upright exercise bike. Fortunately I have plenty of friends in … Read More

Best Upright Exercise Bike Under $500

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best upright exercise bike under $500

Upright bikes are those with a small seat, similar to an actual bike saddle, and which keep you sitting upright when cycling. These differ from recumbent bikes which don’t resemble a bike at all, and spin bikes which are ultra-realistic. For this type of bike, $500 covers quite a range of options, reaching the high end of the mid-range options. … Read More

Discover The Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike To Improve Your Fitness

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best commercial recumbent exercise bike

I love cycling and running through the summer. The air is warm, the early mornings are picturesque and even the pain of pushing my limits seems almost pleasurable. But then the fall arrives and winter rapidly backs it up. Despite my best intentions it becomes difficult to maintain the schedule. That’s why I started looking at the best commercial recumbent … Read More

Best Exercise Bike

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best exercise bike/ best indoor exercise bike

Exercise bikes – you’ve heard of them, right? And seen them? If you’ve been around a few big fitness stores or gyms, you’ll probably have seen a whole bunch of them. Some of them look very different to others as well, because exercise bikes come in different types, not to mention they often have brand or style differences as well. … Read More