Best Upright Exercise Bike Under $500

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best upright exercise bike under $500

Upright bikes are those with a small seat, similar to an actual bike saddle, and which keep you sitting upright when cycling. These differ from recumbent bikes which don’t resemble a bike at all, and spin bikes which are ultra-realistic. For this type of bike, $500 covers quite a range of options, reaching the high end of the mid-range options. … Read More

Upright Exercise Bike vs Spin Bike

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Upright Exercise Bike vs Spin Bike

Exercise bikes are extremely popular these days. They give you a wonderful way to workout and burn calories while keeping impact on your legs and joints very low. There are a variety of different bike types available though, so which is best for you? Well today we’re looking at upright bikes, and spin bikes. My personal choice is a good … Read More